Foods that can cause cancer (Part: 01)

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Health eating is important for healthy and balanced body. No doubt there exists no guarantee in the world that by avoiding or by taking particular food you will stay cancer free; but you cannot deny the importance of health lifestyle.

If you will eat healthy food obviously bacteria of your gut will perform well. You immune system will be boosted up and can easily fight against large number of bacteria and viruses.

So, it is quite important to take special interest in choice of food because unhealthy life style and eating habits can cause a lot of damage to your health. Following foods are quite dangerous for the health and you should stay away from them.

Hydrogenated Oils

Hydrogenated oils pose serious threat to health and they are much dangerous for health.

All cell membranes contain fat and lipids as a min constituent. So the type of oil or lipid which you take ultimately becomes part of your membrane such as during process of repairing.

Hydrogenated oils do not exist naturally and they can damage membranes. Cancer is basically un-controlled growth of cells and hydrogenated oils contribute toward abnormality of cells.

Canned Food

BPA or bisphenol A is the main constituent of cans which we employ to store foods. Bisphenol A is much carcinogenic and it can lead to brain cancer.

It is highly recommended to all people to always check the labels of cans before purchasing. Never purchase those cans in which bisphenol A is present.

Canned tomatoes are most worst among all canned food. The main problem is not canned food but can itself. In tomatoes large amount of acid is present so there are much chances that in tomatoes, BPA will leach and will pose serious threat to health of people.

Tomatoes are easily available so one should always consume fresh tomatoes.

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