Foods that can cause cancer (Part: 02)

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Microwave popcorns

Popcorns a food or snack which a lot of people love. They eat popcorns while working, at office or while watching movies but what they are eating they don’t know. They are taking in huge amount of carcinogenic compounds. Such carcinogenic compounds have ability to speed up the process of cancer initiation. The bag contains a lot of chemicals and when you heat it up in microwave the kernels absorb all chemicals. Corns which are soaked up with butter can release various fumes. These fumes are full of carcinogenic and toxic chemicals.

Soda Water

A large number of people are well aware that soda is injurious to health. It poses serious threat to health. Between high fructose and various chemical dyes, soda is just worst.

Sodas contain a large amount of sugar which it self is much harmful. Moreover they provide no nutrition or valuable material to body. All they can do is just harm! So, in view of all perspectives one should always avoid soda as it can also cause cancer in long run.


In west a large number of people consume much alcohol. They are just addicted. Alcohol is much injurious health and can pose serious damage. It can increase the risk of liver cancer to much extent. So, one should never use alcohol in life.

Artificial Sweeteners

Many people consume diet soda. In this way they think that they are at safe end but it is major misconception. Aspartame, main artificial sweetener is much dangerous and it can directly cause cancer. This is the main reason which explains how harmful various diet foods can be.

Refined Sugar

Sugar, sweets, chocolates!! These are things which people love a lot but they don’t know the fact that sugar is lovely food for caner cells. So, when you are eating a lot of sugar you are in actual providing food to cancer cells. Sometimes even in order to fight against cancer, the medication of diabetes is employed. So, one should stay away from refined sugars.

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