Profession and Professional Part 1

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There is a lot of hype around that a person working in some firm or in some kind of activity and he is doing the thing delivering it on time and calling himself a professional while things are totally different on the scale as many few people know about profession and professionalism let’s understand what is the difference between a profession and a professional.


It’s a paid occupation and it requires advance education training and skills on the other hand we can describe profession as a group of disciplined individuals who adhere to ethical standards.

The characteristics a profession contains:

Skills based on theoretical knowledge: A person working in any profession should know how to work on the theory what he had gained or the information he possesses and he must contain a good hand on it.

Professional association: The person must be associated with the field and he should know the knowledge behind it and should know the workflow.

Extensive period: Some time he have spent in the field he is working so that it can be counted in profession.

Testing of competence: his skills must be quite good so that if he is put under some observation so he can show his skills on the work.

Institutional training: A person can be in a profession if he had been taught in some good institution and his work there is regardless.

Code of professional ethics and conduct: The person must possess a good character and ethics in order to prevail in further situations. A person must possess the good moral character and he should be able to work in any kind of situation in polite and in a calm way.

Examples of Profession:




Computer operator

Bank Clerk



These are some types of professions and the persons working in them must contain the characteristics that are required.

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