Use of internet, especially Google and YouTube, as search engine is very useful these days. We cannot deny the importance of internet as it has ease our life in various ways whether it’s personal, student or professional life. But, this usefulness has been triggered through it misuse. Out of so many drawbacks of social media and internet, I would like to throw flashlight on excessive use of YouTube by kids. It quite usual now make children, including infants, to watch Rhymes or baby songs on YouTube so that a mom can have time for herself or do manage domestic chores with babies.  

Initially Kids usually listen to rhymes before sleeping as it helps the mum to make the kid sleepy. Further, for feeding purpose it is also been used widely. This addiction gets increased with time. Out of 24 hours children usually spend 12 hours on watching stuff on YouTube. It has now become a necessity for parents to get a Tablet for their kids so that they can have entertainment. The bright side of this usage is kids usually learn useful stuff that helps them in starting their academic career. The baby songs usually focus on alphabets, colors; fruits and the primary vocabulary a kid usually initiate his study with. Moreover it also helps in improving the speaking of kids. But we all these uses cannot deny that excessive use of these devices affect the health of children. They can have muscular, sightedness and even severe health issues that can put their life in trouble.

Parents should take this matter into consideration seriously and should stop addicting their kids to such electronic devices. The usage should be made balanced so that the dark side of excessive use can be avoided. Limits should be applied on kids for the sake of their growth and good health.

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