Take supplements not only if you on some diet but to help replenish your body with lost nutrients due to foods being deficient in nutrients – spraying Herbicides etc.


I prefer using supplements and nutrients from a health shop. Or go online – faithful to nature, use this online shop to check out whatever health product you need:

  • Probiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Soaps
  • Toothpaste
  • Snacks. Etc.

Whats nice about this online shop is there is description and ingredients of all items listed. 

  • You will need a multivitamin .I take the solgar brand. Called V2000g- they have a good one for pregnancy.
  • Zinc and selenium by Nrf.. This brand usually found by a normal pharmacy.
  • Omega 3- I take cold pressed flaxseed oil.2 Tsp a day.
  • Also chia seeds and walnuts are good sources of omega 3.
  • Brazil nuts for selenium.
  • “Crede” brand flaxseed oil healthy nutrient,or anything you find that says organic cold pressed.
  • Coconut oil- at least 2 Tsp a day over your food – I’m using “Crede” brand.  I use The odorless fone for cooking as well as ghee.
  • Natures choice products – acv with mother enzymes–they about the cheapest or health connection brand.. Plastic bottle unfortunately – but when you have a heavy hand and ONLY use this vinegar in your foods, it’s economical.
  • organic coconut flour
  • original tahini paste
  • Crude black seed oil
  • Cod liver oil.. See faithful to nature.. Think they have more than 1.
  •  I get the garden of life.
  • For kiddies a bottle of liquid vitamin called M Mineralife-Daily Multiple.


💓 Just bear in mind whenever you intend purchasing anything, be it a bottle of juice, cool drink, chocolate, sauce, vitamins, cosmetics, crisps, biscuits, anything, ensure you read ingredients whether you understand or not.

In this way you pick up halaal – haraam at times and it also inspires you to Google those things you don’t understand.

THE more you don’t understand, the more you should understand that it is not real food but chemical laden and artificial.

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