Tips And Foods To Increase Energy:


1. Drink water.

Keep hydrated but away from meals. Adding a pinch of pink salt to remineralise the water or adding herbs, guava leaves, mint, lemon slices and leaves, basil leaves, helps to flavor the water whereby keeping you away from sugared drinks.

2. Have Smoothies:

Drinking a smoothie daily is the best way to get nutrients into the body. Tips given in the post.

3. Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods like kimchi – (Kimchi is a main kinda food in Korean cuisine. It is a traditional side dish apart from main cuisine which is made of salted and fermented vegetables including cabbages, radish etc) . It is really nice and Great for digestion and energy boosting, provides intermittent boost in activities.

4. Fennel Seeds :

Chewing on very little fennel seeds after meals to reduce gas, bloating and to improve overall digestive function.

5. Aloe juice

Drink Aloe juice has a lot of benefits. Add aloe gel from plant into smoothies or juices and have full enrichment vitamin and mineral juice into your body. It has even got medicinal alkaloids imparting much benefits to health and skin.

6. Cucumber

Snack on cucumber and celery stick–an excellent acid neutralizer.

7. Intermittent fasting

Intermittent fasting–having 2 meals in a 6 hour window, late breakfast and early supper. However water and sugar free herb teas can be has put of the 6 hour window.

The longer the “solids fasting” state, gives more time for the liver to detoxify, give you more energy and keep stress hormones balanced.
The hydration will help stimulate bowels so keep up with water consumption.

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