Educational discrimination

A distinct treatment or behavior to a specific person because of his age, race, disabilities, and a physical appearance is an awful act of discrimination. In this so-called modern world, where everyone is trying to call themselves the most civilized and perfect by treating inferiors inadequately. And the alarming fact is that it is not just found in our society but is a reality of every civilization including some developed countries like America, Australia, and China, where thousands of people are facing this problem because of their appearance or poverty, which is unfortunately considered as best judgment criteria.

Educational discrimination is a fact that can’t be denied. In schools and colleges, many students are discriminating on the basis of their weaknesses. Harassment, bullying, teasing, insults, inappropriate jokes are some examples of discrimination in the education system. And these acts are not only done by other students but sometimes teachers and higher administration also do so by treating students unfairly. For example, giving high grades to a high profile student although he was not good in his exam and failing a deserving student just because he is poor or due to any personal grudge is a commonly seen act in education.

This problem is alarming because this is leading towards many serious problems in students. Students suffering from these acts of discrimination face mental health problems like depression, stress etc and most probably face serious psychological problems. Most importantly this is one of the leading causes of suicide in students. It also encourages negative attitude in students.

Educational discrimination is an act that can’t be provoked or encouraged at any price. Institutional administration should take proper steps to avoid this problem in their school or college. It may be difficult to counteract this problem but there are many things that can be done to prevent these negative activities including anti-bullying policies, effective communication between students, and seminars to promote ethics and positive attitude.     

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