The Diet Dilemma; Healthy Diet:

During the festive and celebration season that started in December children got badly effected. Question is Why and How? Since festivities are basically associated with celebrations and happiness. We consider it safe to have more sugary un healthy treats to acknowledge the festivity moment. Thus nutritional levels of diet are kept at a side and a total high caloric, less nutritive food is preferred and consumed. This where affects the well being of an adult, affects children even badly.


A term commonly known as ATTENTION DEFICIT HYPERACTIVITY SYNDROME(ADHD) is mainly linked with such high sugar diet. Refined sugar and carbs can trigger neurological disorder with many different and severe symptoms. These may include hyperactivity, inattentiveness, and less ability of a child to respond appropriately in a situation. Children with ADHD are unable to control their impulses. It impacts kids life in all aspects of life badly.

Healthy diet:

It is very important to keep diet of children very healthy and full of essential nutrients. Foods rich in refined carbs, high glycemic index food and preservative added processed foods are destroying childs health to an extent unimaginable.

Balanced Eating :

Balanced diet should be introduced in a healthy manner which must cover all the basic pyramidal food chain constituents.

Healthy balanced eatery habits ensures that kids are energetic, immuned, healthy and most important successful.

Choosing the right food is a tricky task and parents must be given full instructions by their children pediatrics. This must be realted to a whole lot of information as to what healthy diet comprises of.

Foods rich in vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, are essential components. Omega-3 rich sources are fishes such as salmon, sardines, tuna etc and nuts like cashew nut, macadamia nuts, almonds and list goes on are pretty amazing sources.

Note To Parents:

Caregivers must be given proper education sittings about food groups and their benefits. For child development it is key factor to give them food which suits their bodily needs and help them function actively. Hence it is important to follow pediatric based guidelines for the betterment and reduce consumption of processed, sugar stuff and similar stuff to the highest possible extent.

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