What is Mass Shooting?

Mass shooting can be simply defined as at least three or four victims, excluding the shooter, killing at the spot in close vicinity. it is one of the major problems reported in United States where almost one third of mass shooting in the world has been seen over a couple of decades which shows that America has had the most man killing than any other country in an unfortunate way.

Major Events

 Some of the notable mass shooting events are reported last decade, are as follows:

  • July 2011, 77 people were shot in Utova
  • December 2012, 27 people killed at Sandy Hook Elementary school, of which 20 were children
  • June 2016, 49 people killed in a night club of Orlando Florida
  • October 2017, 58 people were gunned down in a music festival at Las Vegas Nevada
  • April 2017, Sutherland Spring church shooting got killed 27 people

Contributing Factors

  • America has given the highest access and ownership of guns to its people than any other country of the world. Yemen is on second with 53 firearms per hundred people which is 120.5 in U.S, the highest per capita gun ownership in the world
  • Some criminals follow and imitate the crimes in previous fashion by getting inspired; copycat phenomenon
  • Mental illnesses and frustrated minds has also led mass shootings
  • Desire to retaliate for being teased and irritated by someone for a longtime in past
  • Some mass shooters want fame through media coverage
  • One of the reasons of increase in mass shooting can be the improper checks and lack of security checks by the Government

How to stop man killing?

In this article, one of the raising political issue has been taken under discussion that is gun control in America. As the incidents of the mass shooting are increasing day by day and have become one of the problems that need special attention and demands suitable measures form government. As Some political parties claim that government should ban the guns and should take the guns from civilians but there seems no logical sense in this point because many people own licensed gun for their personal safety. Although this is the right which civilian hold under the constitution of America.

This article has described some facts i.e. with increasing gun owner ship rate, the number of the people involving in mass shooting is also increased. But the reason behind this increasing rate of crime is not explained which could somehow justify or support the written facts of the article. This article has described the prevailing problem and its effects but has not described the root cause and the reason behind this raising problem. As this issue of mass shooting requires deep explanatory facts which requires discussion of the problem from different aspects. This article at the end is left as a question with no proper conclusion. There are no suggestions or personal opinion given that could describe how this increasing curse can be reduced. What possible initiatives government should take to minimize its adverse effect on society.

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