Foods that can cause cancer (Part: 03)

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Cancer Causing foods that you should never eat

Farmed Fish

People say all the time to eat a lot of fish. They talk about lot of advantages of fish as fish is rich source of omega-3. But one thing you should always keep in mind that farmed fish is not good but is much bad for health. It does not give any benefit to body. Moreover, it is not cost effective as well.

Chances of spread of diseases is much greater when fish are present in much small area. In this case if any fish becomes sick, the disease can be transmitted much easily to all other fishes present in the same area. Farmers also employ various chemicals in this scenario and it just harms health of humans. For example, in salmon, a lot of mercury is present which is much injurious to health. So, one should always avoid farmed fish.

Red Meat

Red meat is still much famous among many people but most of the people are not aware of damages which are associated with it. Even consuming a small amount of red meat on daily basis can do much danger. It can accelerate the development of cancer, Moreover if you are eating farmed red meat then you are at great risk of developing many diseases. It can directly cause cancer so you should always stay away from red meat.

Refined Flour

You consume a lot of refined flour on daily basis but you don’t know how harmful it is. During processing of flour a large number of new cancer causing chemicals produce in it. They are present just on the top of the list of unhealthy food.

Salted food

There exists strong relation between salted and pickled foods and risk of gastrointestinal and stomach cancer. A large chemicals are in use to increase shelf life of various food materials and they directly damage RNA or DNA.

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