Every Woman Decide Over Her Body

ABORTION: Women decide over their bodies

This article discusses about the major sensitive issue a women can face in her life. Abortion is something which is illegal as well as unethical and is considered as very bad deed on behalf of women. As every coin has two faces, this essay has also discussed two view point towards the abortion.

  • First one is the school of thought who follows the common convention of considering abortion as negative action
  • Second one includes those who support abortion and thinks that it is the women right to decide about giving birth to her child.

According to first discussion which is about the negativity of aborting child because some may think that millions of abortions are performed every year out of which 40% are done unsafely. It is now very common, even every 1 out of 4 women go for this decision in U.S at the age of 45 years which is not safe for their health as well. As the religious cultural and laws for abortion vary around the world and there is debate over ethical and moral issues related to it. There are some people where people think the fetus in the womb of mother is a human and he deserves the right to live. Some have declared it a murder and ultimately a crime.

On the other hand, the group which favors the legality think that a woman may have her own personal reasons for making such decision which may include she want to achieve goals because she thinks this is not a good time to have a child in her life; it may be a decision by both parents because they want to be the best parents for the children they already have, and sometimes there are some health and safety reasons. But abortion does mean that you don’t love children. It’s a very personal decision and it is only the woman who can decide what the best for her family is.

Although, this article at most of the points openly supports abortion and agree with the second school of thought. The rational about both stances can be truly represented in balanced way. As these perceptions are prevailing in our society related to the abortion. But with moving length of the essay the favor shifts towards supporting the abortion which in any condition is illegal action. Agreement to the one perspective needs equally disagreement to the opposite perspective but this essay lacks the balance between agreement and disagreement to two different thoughts. Ideas are seemed to be scattered in explaining some viewpoints. Somewhere irrelevant facts are explained in order to connect them with the main baseline of essay which depicts the unclarity of thoughts. Unnecessary support and imbalanced explanation between two different thoughts also results in lacking of some level of conciseness which is considered to be one of the important element in discussing and putting any viewpoint and perspective.

The bottom line is, it’s the woman who decide over her body.