Benelli Has Increased the Prices of Their Bikes in Pakistan


Due to the recent devaluation of the Pakistani Rupee because of economic uncertainty and political unrest in the past year or so has forced automobile companies to increase the prices of their motor cycles and cars in Pakistan. 

In the recent few months, most of the automobile manufacturers which are mostly manufacturing cars and bikes have increased the price tags of their various products. Huge price hikes in case of Toyota Indus Motors, Atlas Honda and Pak Suzuki has been seen and their products have become even more pricier.  

During all these price hikes, Benell Pakistan has been reluctant to increase the prices of their products. But now, they have also joined the party and have increased the prices. It was quite anticipated and it was just a matter of time before they had to increase prices. 

After Benelli’s price hike, following are the revised prices for their bike range: 

  • Benelli TNT 250cc: Rs. 535,500 
  • Benelli 302R: Rs. 750,000
  • Benelli TNT 150i: Rs. 315,000
  • Benelli TNT 600: Rs. 1,400,000
  • Benelli TRK 502: Rs. 1,250,000

The 250cc Benelli TNT is now priced at just over half a million PKR. 

The 300cc Benelli R is now priced exactly at 750,000 PKR. 

The 600cc Benelli TNT is now priced at a whooping 1.4M PKR. 

The 500cc Benelli TRK is now priced at 12,50,000 PKR.

Almost two weeks ago, Atlas Honda also increased the prices of their motor cycles. The price of its CG 125 bike is revised and is increased by PKR 1000 from its original price. The prices of their CBD 150, which is a 150cc motor cycle, has also been increased by 2900 PKR. It should be mentioned that Atlas Honda has already increased the prices six times during the last year but still they did not fell shy in again increasing the prices. 

The revised price of Honda CB 150F is 189,900 PKR while Honda CG 125 will now cost 115,500 PKR. 


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