Five dangerous habits that damage your brain

Some of your daily routine habits can damage the health of your brain. These habits damage your brain cells by hindering the supply of important nutrients that are necessary for brain functioning. Thus, as a result mental disorders such as depression, stroke, Alzheimer’s and epilepsy increases.

Habits that damage your brain are:

Skipping breakfast

Breakfast is the first meal of your day and a healthy breakfast essential for healthy lifestyle. If you skip it on regular basis or taking in too much small quantity it effects on your working ability. Your brain needs energy to work properly and if you don’t take your breakfast you brain can’t get enough nutrients your working ability automatically low, as your glucose level can decrease, you may feel or look dull. Skipping breakfast for long time can damage our brain nerves. So, always start your day with a healthy, nutritious breakfast to become active and physically fit.

Improper sleep

If you not getting enough sleep it makes you sluggish and forgetful. Improper sleep can affect your brain’s ability to function properly. Deprivation of sleep for long time may leads to mental lapses and also make your sense and reflexes dulled. So, be careful, even if you are too much busy must take proper sleep as it is also essential for working properly or attentively.


Eating more than desire can harden your brain arteries and leading to decrease in mental power. Unhealthy foods produce starving effects as these are not rich in mineral and vitamins so we eat more and more and cause of obesity. So you should avoid these unhealthy foods and eat according to the needs of the body.

Drink less water

A dehydrated body result in depression, inability to solve complex problem, coordination and cognitive decline. So keep your body fully hydrated as water is essential for eliminating harmful materials from the body.

Too much sugar

Too much sugar consumption reduces the absorption of protein and nutrients that causes malnutrition and affect brain development.

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