Ice of Greenland is melting at much fast rate

The ice of Greenland is melting so rapidly and it is near tipping point
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Climate is changing very rapidly all over the world. Polar ice caps and glaciers are melting at much higher speed. The massive ice of Greenland is melting at such speed that it is something to worry. According to scientists it is need of time to take immediate action otherwise it would be too late.

This is most critical situation especially for counties which are present at the coastline. A large number of islands will also suffer due to rapid melting of these glaciers and ice caps. At this time out of all largest cities 10 are present at the coastline or near the coastline. So, in short words out of all world’s population, 40 to 50% is present around those areas which are prone to damage. These areas will drown due to continuous raising of sea level,

Michael Bevis, person who is professor in the geodynamics department at the Ohio State University in United States of America and he is also leading author of all of this study says that ” Humanity is no more present and i think it has ended when it comes to fighting against different challenges of climate”.

Only thing which we can do in this regard is to lessen global warming. Otherwise time will be over. According to Bevis, sea level is raising more and more and at this time sheet of ice is just hitting a point of tipping now.

Melting glaciers of Greenland are now at stage that they can just bring flood in your city one day.

Bevis says, ice of Greeland in past melted according to definite pattern; but now a days temperature is raising so rapidly that there will be no pattern anymore.

The speed of melting of glaciers is now more as compared to any previous time and only reason behind this is warmer atmosphere.

Source: CNN

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