Anxiety – Cause of Depression

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Anxiety, aggression, rage or frustrations what I can say about this. It may leads to depression and stress but the question is how it is possible. Yes it is possible because People which may have many anxiety disorders or phobias, most of them lives in agitated state. And after this, depression often sets in.

Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety:

  • Person suffers with insomnia.
  • They physically feel fatigue, sweating, headaches, abdominal pain, rapidly heartbeat and difficulty in breathing.
  • Such a person loses his ability of thinking, difficulty in decision making and with memory.
  • A big change in eating habits like too much eating or too little.
  • They don’t show any interest in any activities or hobbies.
  • Person feels constantly fear, worry and panic attacks.
  • Anxiety people feeling very tired.
  • They have inability to relax.

Treatment strategies:

 Anxiety and depression can be treated together, following are the treatment strategies:

  • First of all, Exercise is the best strategy for depression and anxiety disorders because during exercise a special chemical releases in our body that makes us feeling good, happy and relax. Just ten minute walk can make the person feeling alive.
  • Some relaxation techniques or mind relaxing techniques are used for such a person. Besides this meditation techniques are also applied. It may relief tension, anxiety or depression.
  • Another strategy is person takes some antidepressants or inhibitors that gives him relaxing moments.
  • Therapies are often used to treat the depression or anxiety disorders. One of the important therapy is cognitive behavioral therapy in which people control their emotions like fear, anxieties, tension.
  • Some organizations also offers health services or mental health services in communities.

Warning signs:

  • It should be noted that in every treatment disorder whether anxiety or depression, it needs to be administrated and managed by psychiatrist.
  • People should concern with an expert therapist and psychiatrist or other health care professional.
  • After this they can start their treatment.

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