Bangladesh’s Tree man is again in Hospital

Bangladesh tree man is now back to hospital

There is person in Bangladesh who is suffering from severe genetic disorder. This disorder is known as “Tree Man Syndrome”. Now he needs more surgeries and previously surgeons did many surgeries of same person back in 2016.

His name is Abul Bajandar and he is of 28 years. He lives in very small town present in Southern region of Bangladesh. There came headlines about 3 years back when he was admitted to hospital for multiple operations. There were lesion on his feet and hands whose structure was just same and comparable to branches of trees.

This disease is known as Epidermodysplasia verruciformis and he is suffering from this disease for two decades. Now there are intense warts like outgrowths are present on his body.

This disease occurs due to defective immune system and person cannot fight against diseases. The ability of HPV to attack on body increases and it can results in severe lesions on skin and severe infection by HPV. Moreover chances of development of melanoma skin cancer also enhances to much level. This disease is so rare that there are only few cases of this disease all around the world.

Doctors say that it is much complicated case and they were making progress and getting results but he left all and went ot his home. Dr. Samanta says that i personally requested him many time to come back for treatment but he didn’t come. Dr. Samanta Lal Sen is coordinator at the Unit of Plastic Surgery and Burn in the Dhaka Medical Hospital and College.

According to doctor Samanta he came back to hospital just on las Sunbday but it is too late as he should come to hospital at least 6 months ago.

Now he is in worse condition as lesions which are on his hands are around size of 1 inch. Warts are now also on other parts of body.

Doctors say that they are doing much efforts and they need at least 5-6 operations. The lesion are present on his body since time when he was of 10 years.

Bajandra says that i just want normal life. I want to hold and hug my daughter.