Harmful Effects of Chocolate

Negative effects of chocolate

No doubt every one always wants to eat more and more chocolate. But you know that there are many side effects of chocolate as well. We usually don’t care about side effects and don’t take things seriously. In chocolate a large amount of sugar, butter and cream is present and it can just seriously breakdown your diet. Consuming small amount of chocolate is not bad at all but eating large amount of chocolate is worse. Following are common side effects of chocolate.

Heart Diseases and Gain of Weight

There are 235 calories in 44 grams chocolate bar. In addition it also contains 13 grams fat and 221 grams sugar. Whereas in case of dark chocolate, it’s 28.35 grams bar contain 13 grams sugar, 9 grams fat and 156 calories. High amount of fats can raise level of cholesterol in blood and then it means that you are at risk of having heart diseases. You can put on much weight and you are at risk of more diseases.

Cavities and Diabetes

There are 26 grams of carbohydrates in one bar of milk chocolate whereas dark chocolate contains 17 grams in 01 ounce. Refined carbohydrates can raise glucose level to much degree. They also cause the body to become resistant to insulin. Now, insulin cannot lower down the level of blood glucose and as a result chances of diabetes increases to much extent. Excess sugar can also cause decay of your teeth and can also introduce cavities in your teeth.

Caffeine Effect

Chocolate contains much caffeine. It directly provokes central nervous system and you become extra active. No doubt it can help you to stay active but keep in the mind that it zero nutritional value. It can result into depression, stress , anxiety, headache, nausea, vomiting and rapid heart beat. In dark chocolate the amount of caffeine is much higher as compared to in milk chocolate.

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