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Take your baby in to a steamed up bathroom. Let him inhale the steam for a few minutes. You could also steam the child with gentle steam, with a drop or 2 eucalyptus oil in the water.

Oil Massage:

Cold and dampness tend to cause inflammation and congestion in the baby’s chest. Gently massage some of the oil along the clavicle bones (the two horizontal bones at the top of the chest).

🎈After this, wrap the baby’s chest warmly, preferably with a flannel vest. Avoid the cold and draughts.

🎈Mum has to also watch her diet if breastfeeding. Dairy is always the first culprit, but sugar and flour are partners in crime. All cause mucous and allergies.

🎈 Roast some ajmo seeds and tie it into a bag with a piece of camphor. Pin to the baby’s vest.

Tinctures for baby:

In case of recurrent infections, administer the following to your baby:

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  • Vitamin D3 (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections). 1 drop  a day for kids. Babies 1 drop once a week. 1 drop 3x a day for adults- please do 25 hydroxy d test.  Overdose of vit d can be harmful too.
  • Vitamin C (immune boosting, prevents respiratory infections). Vitamin C solution is made as follows:
  1. 50 ml water
  2. 1 tsp vit C powder
  3. {1/2 tsp bicarb if vitamin c is not buffered.}
  4. Give baby a tsp every half  hour until bowel tolerance.


  • All essential oils should be kept out of the reach of children and pets.
  •  Oral ingestion of five milliliters of eucalyptus globulus by a three-year-old could prove lethal.⚰
  • Keep it away from the eyes. Be sure to use cautiously on sensitive skin until you ascertain whether or not you react to it.
  • Use under the advisement of a qualified practitioner in the presence of high blood pressure or epilepsy.
  • As with most essential oils, it may counteract homeopathy remedies; don’t even store them together.

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