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The two sides of Co-Education


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Coeducation, which means boys and girls studying in the same school, is one of the many things that we happen to adopt from the West. As some schools, colleges, and universities prefer a separate system for their good reasons, a growing number of them prefer the system of co-education.

Coeducation has some advantages but we cannot ignore its disadvantages. Coeducation is more economical as a fund required to construct a school, library, laboratories, and whatnot, which is used by both genders, to separate setups have to be provided for both the genders. Coeducation is better for decreasing gender discrimination. It is good for healthy competition that emerges as a   result of studying together is also helpful in making them prepared to face the practical world when they grow up. 

Moving toward disadvantages of coeducation that have led many people to conclude that segregated education is safer includes the fact that some girls and boys might hesitate to participate in class discussion because they feel uncomfortable with another gender around. Hence coeducation does not necessary for self-confidence, infect it can become a hindrance as well. As many people believe that coeducation removes the distance between the two genders, which is not always true.

Educational systems that have separate systems form of education including students, especially girls who participate in sports and class activities without any hesitation. According to Britain research, a separate system is more helpful in improvement, regardless of their ability and socio-economic growth. According to many experiments, girls in separate systems achieve better results than join systems.     

Keeping in mind all these points, I believe that it all depends on students, how they are comfortable in join system or a separate system.

Thus to conclude, let’s say that,

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Submitted by Najeeb-ur-Rehman, Date 20 January 2021.

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