A new emerging drug in Pakistan an ice drug is alarming!!


However, there are different drugs are running in Pakistan. In other words, these drugs are cigarettes, hash, and alcohol. Therefore, students usually attract toward the drugs. In other words, in school and colleges student starts these drugs.

In addition, ice drugs are now one of the mainstream problems for parents. However, the total cost of ice drugs is very low. In addition, it can be easily available in different streets.

Similarly, an ice drug is like white and colorless crystal. Therefore, people usually cannot identify it. Therefore, it cannot be caught.

Drugs in Pakistan

Above all, Pakistan is an Islamic state. Therefore, the laws in Pakistan for drugs are according to Islamic teachings. However, a drug in Pakistan is banned but somehow it is easily available in Pakistan.

Similarly, in neighboring countries, ice drug is easily available. Therefore, it is easily transported in Pakistan.

The population involved in drugs

However, in past few years, women get involved in ice drugs in Pakistan. After that, previously men are involved in drugs. Above all, the females of the elite class usually do that.

In other words, both male and females get involved in ice drugs. In addition, most students of universities get involved in ice drugs. Later on, college students start smoking. After that, they started cocaine and now use ice drugs.

However, as per the Peshawar police, 37 men were captured. They get involved in over the most recent a half year for managing in Ice. After that, Be that as it may, the captured strolled free subsequent to going through just two days in prison.

Price of the ice drugs

In other words, the price of the ice drugs is about 1200 Pakistani rupee. After that, its price increase depending upon the quality.

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