5 Foods That Cleanse Your Kidneys

In today’s technological era, everybody knows that kidneys play a vital role in eliminating waste products from the human’s body. If you have high diabetes, blood pressure or hardening of arteries, you can develop any sort of kidney disease, hence preventing kidneys to do the desired job. Kidney disease is something that can’t be overlooked as it is life-threatening. You should adopt such lifestyle that keep your kidneys clean and healthy. Following are certain foods that can help you in managing your kidneys’ health.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are quite beneficial for your kidneys. They are packed with high nutrition values containing Vitamin K and C, along with folate and fiber. They also help in controlling your blood pressure, balancing out your sugar levels in blood, and reducing kidney stress. Leafy greens can be used in different attractive ways to add in your diet, making your meal tasteful and presentable.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is helpful in Urinary Tract Infection. When you drink cranberry juice, it aids in cleaning your kidneys from such waste products that produce kidney stones, like calcium oxalate. It should be kept in mind that additive-free or organic cranberry juice should be chosen for consumption.


High inflammation in a human’s body causes a range of dangerous conditions, including kidney disease. In order to clean your kidneys and enhance their function, you should add turmeric in your diet. Turmeric offers you anti-inflammatory properties as it contains curcumin. It is also helpful in fighting various kidney diseases and pesky stones. You can add it to your curries, rice, stews, and even in a smoothie.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is known to possess several properties that benefit your body, as well as your kidneys. Its consumption aids in lowering cholesterol, relieving pain linked with kidney stones, and working to cut down inflammation too. Olive oil is easily available in the market and is also affordable to purchase. Try to buy extra-virgin olive oil for you, having premium quality and no chemicals.

Lemon Juice

Lemon juice helps in increasing your citrate levels in body. This citrate prevents kidney stones production and also keeps the organs clean. What you can do is squeeze at least 4 lemons into luke warm water or cold water and drink it everyday.

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