Ways to induce labor naturally.

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Finally the wait is over!. Your due date is just few weeks from now! Your baby is going to arrive anytime sooner. These feelings are so exciting that you get tears! But the thought of final labor more particularly induce labor give all of us goose bumps. Mother Nature should decide when the little duckling should arrive. Everyone dreams about smooth labor and delivery. Yes! why not?

If you are 40 weeks pregnant than you should practice following things to induce natural and smooth labor. These practices are very common in indo-pak region and they are very beneficial:

Tropical fruits:

Eating tropical fruits like pineapple, papaya and mangoes is old practice to trigger labor. As they contains an enzyme known as Bromelain. Bromelain helps soften the cervix and arouse the smooth muscles, which is known to trigger labor.


It’s a century old practice. Castor oil induces labor speedily. So one should not risk taking it in initial weeks of pregnancy. Therefore don’t panic! Take it near your due date

Cumin Tea:

Cumin aids digestive tract issues. It helps in starting menstruation cycle. Moreover it can induce labor too.


Take a table spoon of ghee in warm milk especially during last month of pregnancy. The labor goes very smoothly.


Eating dates during late pregnancy have an affirmative results on labor.

Spicy foods:

Eating spicy foods prior to labor help in smooth delivery.

Perineum massage:

It helps in smooth labor, as it involves loosening the muscles between vagina and perineum. It helps opening your vagina for baby’s arrival.

Exercise and chores:

Physical activities are very important especially in late pregnancy. Please don;t sit idol , busy yourself in all household chores. Take all the responsibilities!This will help baby move into cervix. And once you have starting feeling contractions, walk as much you can. It aids you to dilate enough to deliver your baby boo.

All these actions help in dilation, induce uterine contractions and help in smooth, trouble-free labor, however, this traditional belief isn’t scientifically proven yet.

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