Personal Selling… A key to marketing


Personal selling is one of the most important parts in sales and marketing, in in fact it is the backbone of a marketing department. Basically it is “orally presentation of product or direct conversation with one or more prospective customers for the purpose of selling your product” Or It involves oral communication between the buyer and the seller.

Many companies hire very competent individuals for this kind of marketing, because it is the best way through which we can satisfy our customers and also encourage them to buy the products. For this, companies spend a lot of money in grooming of their employees in marketing department.

An interesting example of personal selling can be found easily e.g. Selling of perfume and cosmetic items in the department store’s counters. They guide the customers on how to try the different product and how to apply them. In this way customers get satisfaction and proper guidelines about product usage and it will ultimately build their confidence on the respective company. Some products with relatively high prices or complex features are mostly sold by using personal selling. Examples include office equipment, cars and other heavy machinery items. In one of survey conducted by American Marketing Association, it was observed that companies with very strong marketing department and highly competent salesman are earning double or even triple than those with weak in this area.

Channels of personal Selling:

Personal selling can be done by different channels i.e. retail channel and direct to the consumer or buyer channel. In case of retail channel, a salesman talks with the potential or prospective customers who come to them and ask about a product. Now it is the job of the salesman to properly understand the need of his buyer firstly and then shows various products accordingly that he has under the required category. On the other hand, in  direct channel, a salesman visits his customers to aware them about the new product that his company is launching or he tell his customer that this product is not available in the open market.


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