When to use Personal Selling and its Pros & Cons


If a product is very costly and very complex to use then it must be marketed through personal selling in order to build customer satisfaction level. For example, Many women has a lot of doubts and confusion in using the cosmetic product. They don’t have any idea on how to and when to use So, for this purpose many cosmetic companies prefer personal selling in all super stores to increase the sales of their product. And I have personally observed that cosmetic companies with good in this aspect are at the top than those with weak in marketing.  Highly complex and technical products like computers and other electrical items are also sold by this method. Trade-in products like automobiles are most of the times handled through personal selling to facilitate their trade-in process. Finally, a company that cannot afford  mass-advertising campaign might consider personal selling as an alternative to advertising.

Advantages and Disadvantages:
Personal selling has both advantages and disadvantages. On the positive side it allows salespersons to direct target its customers and convince them about buying a product and then as a result receive a proper feedback. It also helps to remove the doubts and confusions of customers regarding product usage and so it is important to the society. It also helps to deliver important information to the prospective buyer to get his confidence. It even helps a small business to build loyal and long-term relationships with their customers. It can give a knowledge about the prospective buyer’s need
On the other hand, personal selling cannot reach to maximum customers in a short time period plus it is costly most of the times. Sometimes companies face difficulties to market the product at the right time. Last but not the least is to hire a very competent and active employees is really very hard.


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