Augmenting Trend of Extravagant in Pakistani Weddings

The cost of money is being increased in marriages of Pakistan as money spent on extra rituals. Now wedding has become a competition rather than a celebration. Wastage of money in Pakistani weddings are common. 


People arrange grand functions on this occasion. Spacious marriage halls are hired with costly decoration to impress the guests and general public. The special attention given toward the stage decorations, flowers, furniture, curtains, pearls and glasses. People spend millions of rupees for two hours of that function. 

Bridal wear

Designer dresses and jewelry are very expenses and girls prefer to wear designer’s dresses on their wedding. These heavy dresses are just looking good on your marriage. After that if you wish to wear this dress in any other functions its seem to be over. In today market, light or heavy embroidery dresses are available that are more beautiful and cheap than the designer’s dresses. 

Dance show

Now Dance in weddings also being presented as a professional. The practice for dance begins before the months of marriage. For this purpose, all the participants for dance are gather together at one place. Then selection process held, in which it is decided which person dance in which song. Not only dance. Bridal or couple entry in hall are also consider a main part. For this purpose, special songs are played and rides are decorated. For making moments beautiful and beautiful, Marriages are turning into drama or film which are free from emotions. 


Other expenses like photography by photographer are also wastage of time. Instead of hire a photographer you should use a friend’s DSLR camera. And instead for printing expensive invitations cards, you should invite on mobile messages or by email. 

From the bride dressing to full of function management, every package that has come to light gives people more flexibility to show them well. And they also make choices of drone videos in some specialty.

It is need being simplicity in weddings. Instead of wasting money in that two hours save it for future. You may start a new business or help some needy person.