Pakistan The Feelings and Emotions of Students About Exams

The Feelings and Emotions of Students About Exams


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What else is there left to hear? All the students are persistent about the exams. Throughout the session, they have not taken the studies seriously. When the days are nearby, they are constant beings. Somewhere in the corner of the heart, they are worried but are being bone-loafer.

Students need to understand that the exams are proof of their learning. A student without education is like a bird without wings. Without wings, a bird cannot fly, and without exams, we cannot fly towards the best. Due to the pandemic, it is not only us, but the students, perhaps the teachers have also suffered too. Digital learning and teaching isn’t easy. However, it showed the best it could.

There was a point where Shafqat Mehmood Saab stated his feelings on the students’ responses towards studies. He wants students to prosper and enjoy the time of learning and achieving the best in life.

Source: Twitter

Moreover, exams are truly stressful, but they improve learning. They are not only for character building but also helps the brain to exercise. Using the brain also helps to memorize and retrieve what is studied.

Motivational Regulation

Motivational regulation is when the motivation takes place, is in process, and is increased. So there should be an involvement of motivational supervision in the students’ lives. Motivation strengths only when students believe in themselves, know that there is something inside them bigger than any hurdle. This practice brings a positive effect on students where they will feel the learning for exams mandatory.

How to overcome the fear of EXAMS?

Here are some tips for the students who are buckling under the strain.

Manage your time

It would be great if students can get up early and give 4 hours to their learning. Learning with fresh and healthy minds will secure the data and recall at the time of the examination.

Organize the study material

Good organization is to good study. It is crucial to assemble all the learning resources beforehand. It will save you from overlooking the key topics. 

Get enough sleep

Avoid studying late as it will not help you in learning. However, be counterproductive. Avoid screen time as the blue light emitting from the screen may affect the body sleeps hormone production. Do not take caffeine at night. It is better to take it in the morning as it helps to keep you active. But have a negative effect on sleep.

Avoid distractions and stay positive

For a better learning environment, you should have a silent place to study. It will help you to study efficiently and effectively. Always keep in mind that nothing is impossible because the impossible itself says I AM POSSIBLE!


Healthy bodies lead to healthy minds. It makes your body relaxed. It is great for the gym and keeps your organs working. If you don’t a gym, you can go running or do Zumba at home. 

Make sure you go to bed early before exams so that you don’t feel tired the next day!

I hope the following tips will be useful to you and help cater you with exams comfortably.

Submitted by Rabab Bano, Date 24 January 2021.

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