Hockey is known as the national game of Pakistan



Similarly, Players use their hockey stick to control, pass, push and hit the ball. However, the object of the object is to kick it into high gear the ball into the opposite group’s Side. Therefore, the group that scores the most score wins the match.

However, Players embrace various positions in hockey. Therefore, there are attackers, midfielders, defensive one. After that, the last one is the goalkeeper. In other words, he who stays in his group’s shooting circle, securing their own area.

In other words, Just the level edge of the hockey stick must be utilized to hit the ball. After that, Players are not having any kind of permission to utilize their feet or some other piece of their body.

In addition, just the goalkeepers are free to utilize the stick. In addition, he can also use hands, feet, legs, and body to stop the ball while protecting their area from opponent goal attempt.

History of the hockey team of Pakistan

However, Pakistan is the best group, having won the competition multiple times. After that, The Netherlands and Australia have each won three titles. Similarly, Germany has won two titles.

In other words, Belgium and India have both won the competition once.  After that, the 2018 competition was held in Bhubaneswar. In addition, the date is from 28 November to 16 December in India.

Current team captain of the Pakistani hockey team

In addition, Dara was the first team captain of the hockey team of Pakistan. However, he was the one who leads the team in hard times.

In other words, now Muhammad Imran is the team captain of Pakistan hockey team. However, it is not good news that now hockey is not having the same place. In conclusion, hockey lost his place in these past few years.   


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