Tips to stay Fit and Happy

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Bust a move

I suggest that you can make your habit to play any game like cricket or football. If you did not have any interest in any game then make your hobby do a dance or other. It will help you to digest your food easily.

Eat in the A.M

In your morning, skipping breakfast is never the best idea to look fit. Even If you have too much fat and you want to lose your weight, then never miss your breakfast. A.M time is the best time to eat because your stomach is empty and it will easily digest food.


Water is very important for your body and you know that doctor will also suggest drinking  5 liter water every day. You need to know that your whole body have 70% water and if you want to maintain your fitness then never compromise with water. Water will control your fitness and help to digest your food. You know water have 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom and when you breathe you will also observe oxygen and when you breathing oxygen react with water it will generate blood and make your blood circulation system better.

Get enough sleep

When you come home after a long working day, then your body will never feel good you take some rest. Make sure to take at least 6 hours to 9 hours sleep. To much sleep is also not good for health. So do not sleep too much and do not sleep to low. When you take sleep, then your body digestive system will act and you will digest your food and your blood circulatory system will also work correctly. If you are heart patient then never sleep to low you need to sleep at least 10 hours because your heart will need best blood circulation system.

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