Healthy breakfast idea for youth

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You need to use some foods that I recommends you. Don’t worry, I never give you bad food I just give you delicious and easy to eat food that you will use daily and see it will give you a better result. You will also need to follow my personal tips. My tips are also very helpful for you. You know when I am searching ideas I found a lot of different ideas, but when I try, all are not good and also very difficult to try. Then I find out some unique food and ideas. I am sure you will 100% like my tips and ideas.


This is not only a fruit. You know it is very helpful to lose belly fat. You can eat at least 2 times a day because it will work slowly but very effectively. You will eat while you are watching TV and movies on the net. Its taste is not bad when I eat this at the first time I think that its taste is very bad but when I eat I am shaken. It is very tasty and good food for belly fat loss. This is also very helpful for heart patients. It will make the blood in your body and lose 17 to 20-gram fat from your belly.

Iced tea

You know tea is very good for healthy. Especially Green tea is very good because it will speed up your metabolism process in your body and you will easily digest every food. Now scientifically proved that tea will burn 266 calories in your body that is enough to work at least 8 hours work. It will also maintain blood circulation in your body. Iced tea is very good for belly fat to lose. You will drink iced tea at your breakfast time before a morning walk.


  • You will use fresh food and healthy food.
  • Never use too much.
  • Try to eat daily and never miss your exercise.
  • Go for a morning walk daily.

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