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There are some unique and delicious recipes are available for your kids. I make these recipes daily and my kids like. If you would also want to make some unique recipes for your kids then you are in right place. You know that everyone is very busy and see that every person did not give too much importance to food, but you need to know that food is your fuel of the body so keep trying to eat healthy food and also give healthy food to our kids. When I am in the kitchen and cooking some delicious recipe for my kids then I never forget to use only healthy nutrients and then I add some more ingredients for a taste like salt, pepper etc.

There are some delicious recipes for your kids. I hope your kids like these most. I will also give you full recipe and tips to make these recipes easily.

•    Russian salad sandwich

•    Lighter chicken tacos

•    Spanish sweet potato

•    Lentil Dhal

These are really tasty and good looking recipes for your kids. You can make this recipe in different time of day. I suggest that you will make a Russian sandwich in your breakfast and lighter chicken tacos for your kid’s lunch box. You know I observe from different countries and places kids will not like to eat lunch box and a lot of mothers sad from this behavior. After long research and test I recommend that if you give a delicious lunch in your kid’s lunch box then they will never miss and eat lunch regularly if you give delicious lunch every day. I give Spanish sweet potato and sometimes lighter chicken tacos to my kids. You know, if you give same lunch every day, then your kids will never like to eat. I think you need a recipe for lighter chicken tacos.

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