Vladimir Gendelman Founder and CEO of Company Folders

According to the Vladimir Gendelman words he said that “One of the biggest mistakes of my past is that. I tried to run multiple businesses at the same time. But when I failed to run any of them then I deiced to bring some changes.”

He tried to run every business but every time he failed. After that, he decided to run only a single business and give proper time to only one business. As we know that it’s Company Folders. He sold his 3 businesses and start working only on COMPANY FOLDERS. After this struggle Company grows and we can see it. They are doing their job perfectly

Basically, CEO of the Company Folders Vladimir Gendelman was born in the former Soviet Union, where he rarely had access to the basic amenities. He started his small businesses but no one succeeds and after this failure, Vladimir found intensely frustrating on him. So, he decided to immigrate to America. After Immigration he makes his mission to help others with providing his service. So he provides that things he never had access to growing up. After getting good reviews and client’s appreciation he decided to make his own Company. That is Company Folders, Inc.

From where did the idea for Company Folders, Inc. Come?

Vladimir Gendelman said he was running a small computer repair company. His few clients suggested him to design custom presentation Folders. He did little research on it to see what he can do for his clients. Then he tries to design some amazing folders for his clients which they wanted. But he did not find anything that particularly stood out. So he decided to make a company where he will design an innovative presentation folder printing company with a variety of high-quality products and options.

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