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The Development Of Technical Education In Pakistan

The Development Of Technical Education In Pakistan
Engineering students using an innovative 3D printer in the laboratory

Technical Education is a skill-based and practical education that makes a person technically fit for the industries. It is different from general education, which emphasizes only theoretical knowledge. It makes people self-independent.

One child, one teacher, One book, one pen, Can change the world.

Technical Education has a great role in building a nation. Infrastructure is the basis of nation-building and it requires good technicians in all fields. All the first world countries like Japan, USA, China and Germany place much greater value on technical education. They utilized their labour by imparting hand skills and now they have dominated the world economically.

I had to gain experience as I did not have a technical education.

Technical Education includes training in a trade, commerce, carpentry, weaving, agricultural, medicine and engineering. Its aims are to provide instruction and training in skills they have a practical utility. It helps us to meet the need of the Industrial Age.

Technical Education is very important in the modern age. It produces, engineers, builders, doctors and mechanics that are very useful in an industrial society. It is the only answer to the problems of our expanding economy. It produces doers and workers.

A person who won’t read has no advantage over one who can’t read.

Technical Education has great advantages. It increases employment opportunities and economic development. It is a driving force for economic stability and progress. It also helps in eradicating poverty. Technically skilled people find jobs more easily than their academic counterparts. Technical Education enhances the productivity of technology. It makes it easy for people to earn a livelihood without relying on others.

In the age of medicines, don’t underestimate, the power of the hand skills.

Technicians are the backbone of a society. They are needed in all major field like architecture, farming and textiles, etc. However, in our country, no proper training is provided to the workers that lessen the productivity of an industry. Most of our labour is unskilled. We are not producing enough people with the right knowledge of skills. Our industrial and agricultural are not up to the global standard. Likewise, our country is rich with natural resources but we are not getting their benefits because there is a lack of technical education.

No economy can succeed without a high-quality workforce, particularly in an age of globalization and technical change.

After getting a formal education, students have degrees but no practical skills. Even students from technical backgrounds like engineering, electronics are unskilled and most of them don’t know how to operate machinery. They only reason is, traditional education focuses only on cramming books without imparting skills. It has led to a high rate of unemployment, and poverty. Most of the young people seek White-collar jobs which are less in number. They should realize that most of the technician jobs open in great opportunities.

And investment, In knowledge, pays the best interest.

Submitted by Tuba Tariq, Date 24 January 2021.


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