A Mystery


On a bright sunny day, Sunday accurately, I decided to walk to the grocery store. This was an excellent excuse to save money on petrol and burn some calories. After completing my healthy breakfast which including a hot piping bowl of porridge, one boiled egg and a cup of lemon water, I got ready to go to the grocery store.

Strange Atmosphere

While walking to the store I notice how unusually there is a rush of people entering the store. The reason why I found this surprising is because it was a weekday which means majority of people wold be in offices but I was wrong. I could see plenty career oriented individuals loading their trolleys with pantry items. Finding myself confused yet staying calm, I decided to focus on my grocery list and went to pick up my necessary items to take back home.


From eggs to bread, salt to spices, tissues to cleaning wipes, all went well so far. When I reached the meat counter to pick up some chicken I overheard some people talking about a havoc created in the city which led to all offices being closed and everyone was on the run. Feeling concerned I decided to quietly listen until I could figure out what was the issue.


What mainly confused me was how everyone was talking to one another about a concerning matter except me. Everyone looked concerned and knew what was going on except me. I started to feel extremely upset and decided to ask somebody myself. Unfortunately the second I would think of talking to someone or going up to them would turn out hopeless as everyone was so quick to leave. Surprisingly there was no information being told on the news, no protests, nothing. Being fed up, I decided to pay my bill and leave. It was a mystery.