Are you worried that your kid is “addicted” to smart phone?

We still remember our childhood. Indeed we have bundle of memories. On the other hand the present century kids don’t have any! What they have is “smartphone”.  A device restricting their vision and thoughts.  A device manipulating their way of thinking.  Although, the sight of your toddler using smartphones is so endearing to eyes and mind. But later you recognize its draw backs.

According to a survey conducted in January, 2018, 47 percent of parents feel that their kid is “addicted” to smart phones. Fascinatingly, 32 percent of those parents said they themselves were addicted too. But sadly, it’s too late for parents to realize the fact that their kid won’t give up on phone. So here are some tips that may help you find a solution to your problem, we are here talking about infants and toddlers:

Set an example yourself:

Never hang on phone in front of your toddler.  It’s a very common practice by parents that they ignore the fact that their infant is talking to them. They must be thinking what a six month old could say! It’s not true, they really communicate. Listen to them keenly. Leave your phone right there, unless it’s an emergency, keep your cell phone out of sight while you’re not working. Wait until he retires to bed.

Play with your kid:

Often we hear that these kids are super-fast, they don’t want traditional games. They have computer chips fitted into their mind. Somehow I disagree with these statements. All the kid needs is your attention. We are more specifically talking to mothers over here. To finish our household chores, we love to distract them. And the best thing we come up with is phone. And later we complain “They are 21st century kids”   How come he got this much addicted!”

Meal time should be fun:

Its common complains of mothers that “my kid doesn’t eat”,” I can’t see him starving all day”. And they have solution too. PHONE! Fascinatingly this solution is adapted by several others out there. Discontinue this practice immediately. Come up with rhymes, songs, break your larynx! Don’t be afraid, we can sing! Hilariously our voice has the power to distract these little ones.

Engross your toddler in thought-provoking or real-life activities:

Make them help you in simple tasks. Let them play with mud in garden. Parents should engage themselves in healthy physical games like badminton, basketball, football. And most importantly take your kid along with you. Make them sit in the crowd while you play. They will imitate you.

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