Climate Change: a reality or hoax?

Climate change and global warming are interlinked phenomenon. They refer to the intensification of average surface temperatures on Earth. To clarify this is because of the greenhouse gases. But aren’t these gases essential for life on earth? Yes! Our planet won’t shelter life, if greenhouse gases are not present. The problem is that the percentage of these gases is increasing in the atmosphere.

Global map of the February 2017 LOTI (land-ocean temperature index) Credit: NASA/GISS

The greenhouse gases have heat-trapping nature. Thereby, hovering the temperature of atmosphere. The five main greenhouse gases are:

  • Water vapor
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Methane
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Ozone

And world scientists are in harmony that climate change, increase in greenhouse gases is primarily due to the human activities since mid-20th century, for instance, consumption of fossil fuels which releases carbon dioxide gas into the atmosphere. The gases trap heat within the atmosphere, which drastically affects our ecosystem.

Climate change is a challenge faced by every single species that resides on this planet, from giant polar bears to the little bees.

The evidence for climate change:

Global temperature rise:

Raising of global temperatures is a vital signal of climate change is that since late 19th century global temp has increased up to 0.9 degrees Celsius. Year 2016 was verified as the warmest year.

Warming oceans:

Oceans are warming excess of the greenhouse gasses.  This has ultimately affected marine ecosystem.

Shrinking ice sheets:

Earth ice is shifting.  According to NASA Himalayan glacier would vanish by 2035.  Arctic and Greenland ice sheets are already shrinking.

Decreased snow cover:

Spring snow cover is decreasing over past five decades. Further snow is melting earlier. Spring snow cover is the main source of water supplies.  

Sea level rise:

When temperatures increases and frost melts, more water streams to the seas from glaciers and ice caps, and ocean water warms. And they expand. This plays a major role in raising average global sea level. In past decade sea-level has reported to raise between four and eight inches (IPCC).

Extreme events:

Heat waves, droughts, floods, tornadoes etc. are becoming more frequent. This is because the planet is warming.

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