Alexander The Great

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The king of Macedonia, ‘Alexander The Great’ was born in Pella, July 20, 356 B.C. He was considered the greatest military geniuses of all the times. He succeeded his father, to the throne at the age of 20. Due to his ambitious and strategic mind he conquered most of the known regions of his time.

Conquest of Persia

The first and the major battle won by Alexander fought in 334 B.C. is the ‘Battle of Granicus’ (the area in modern day known as western Turkey). In this battle he defeated 20,000 of horseman and almost equal amount of foot soldiers.

The second battle fought in 333 B.C., ‘Battle of Issue’ (the southern Turkey). In this battle Persian led by Darius lll with a force of 600,000 and defeated badly. In November 333 B.C. Alexander finally declared himself the king of Persia.

Conquest of Egypt

After successfully conquering Persia, Alexander moved to Egypt. In spring 331 B.C. he successfully conquered Egypt. There he developed a city named it ‘Alexandria’ and designed it for Greek culture and commerce.

Battle of Gaugamela

After conquering Egypt, Alexander moved to turn his attention to defeat eastern part of Persian empire. In July 331 B.C he fought and won conquering the whole empire of Persia.

Entered India

In 327 fully control over Persian empire and he was married to a noble women Roxana. After that he entered in India. Some tribes of India surrendered peacefully and some not. In 326B.C., he defeated king  Porus paurava at Hydaspes river. During this fight he lost his beloved horse, Bucephalus. So he named this city Bucephala. Alexander also wanted to conquered all pf India, but his soldiers refused and returned back to Persia.

Alexander’s Death

Alexander the great who conquered about 4 main parts of the world died due to malaria in June 13, 323B.C. He was just 32 years old. His wife Roxana gave birth to his after few months later to his death.

After his death the whole empire ruined and his nation was battled for power. But the cities he founded became cultural cities even now and spreading the spirit of Panhellenism.

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