Xiaomi Manufactured Even A Better Foldable Than Samsung

No doubt that Samsung’s foldable phone has made the headlines around the world but we must not forget that other smartphone manufacturing companies like Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and even Lenovo (Motorola) are also working on the development of their very own foldable smartphones. 

Xiaomi, a well renowned smartphone manufacturer in China, is now making its very own foldable smartphone as indicated by a leaked video which is now surfacing online. 

The leaked footage shows Lin Bin, who is the company’s president and co-founder, using the foldable device. The device still looks in the prototype phase by the look of it. The design of the leaked phone is much different from the foldable phone teased by Samsung and Royole Flexpai. 

As the footage suggests, the device can bend backwards and has two creases that separate two individual displays. The screen appears to be working but it still isn’t by any means a finished product. 

Custom Android Variant 

The foldable phone is using a custom-built android version that switches between the two separate displays according to the configuration. The final version of the foldable phone will surely have more added android features in order to utilize the foldable feature. It will perhaps also use some custom-built animations in order to make the phone more useful and usable. 

Even without such features and animations, it would still be pretty cool to use this device as one can watch movies by switching onto a bigger display rather than using a separate device for different purposes. 

The basic idea of this foldable smart phone is to switch between a phone and a tablet size display without getting in the hassle of buying a new device. Whether this idea is workable or not, we still have to wait and watch until the device officially gets launched. 

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