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New Chromebooks from HP will now feature AMD Processors!

Chromebooks are by far not popular in Pakistan but they are used pretty widely all over the world especially in the USA. These are being widely used in the educational institutes by teachers, educators and students. Around 30 million students and educators use Chromebooks according to an estimate. 

Because of the high demand, HP is now launching two brand new Chromebooks, featuring the AMD processors. 

HP Chromebook 11A G6 

The two announced models are the Chromebook 14A G5 and the 11A G6 EE. The EE in the 11A G6 EE stands for Education Edition which has been specially designed for the educational sector. While for the enterprise users, they have launched the 14A G5 model. 

The specifications of both the models is pretty much the same. They differ only in a couple of sectors. 


HP says that it has toughened the plastic in order to make the 11A and it can withstand occasional accidental drops and won’t be fragile as some other plastic built laptops. HP has reportedly claimed that the 11A model can withstand drops on a concrete surface up to 70 centimeters. 

A rubber strip is also added around the bottom of the laptop which not only helps in gripping the laptop but also reduces some impact force if it gets dropped on a hard surface. 


Let’s now move over towards the display of these Chromebooks. These new models feature a 11.6-inch TFT LCD panel with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The resolution is nice for the size of the display but the huge side bezels makes the device look a little bit hideous. 

The hinge provided is capable of rotating the laptop up to 180 degrees. 


As for the ports, these Chromebooks offer two USB 2.0 ports and two USB Type C ports. A 3.5 mm headphone jack and a microSD card slot are also available in case anyone needs extra storage. An 802.11ac Wi-Fi and a Bluetooth 5.0 is also provided for connectivity. 


As far as the processor is concerned, the 11A model is packing an AMD A4-9120C processor. Two options in case of RAM are provided I.e. 4 or 8 gigs. An eMMC-based flash storage ranging from 16GB to 64GB which can also be expanded through the included microSD slot is also provided in the Chromebook. The GPU employed is a Radeon R4 with a tri-core 600MHz GPU. 

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