Pakistan The Inevitable Change From The Time Of Corona And...

The Inevitable Change From The Time Of Corona And Muslim Diaspora


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This year brought a thorough understanding of how the future will be for the Muslim community at large. With Israel and UAE engagements the Middle East is seeing inevitable change, with Bahrain following the course. It also has brought changes at the horn of Africa, combining Sudan and Morocco hoping for favour exchange from the game-changer, i.e. the USA. This week we have also seen the air of change in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia in an alleged meeting between the higher-ups of Israel’s government.  

This change has also been subjecting of discussion in Pakistan, with many voices from the left -cross civil societies- arguing for favourable relation with Israel, but despite alleges pressure from the higher-ups and influencers, Prime Minister Imran Khan decision to not pursue has made it clear that it will have measure setbacks on our call for Kashmir’s right for self-determination as the former action would highly affect Palestine’s right of determination against the UN-backed two states solutions.

Interestingly the voices over the issue of conceding to the demand of West the especially the USA has been so forthcoming that the few if not many have realized that the globalized effect has been cunning that you have to be in tick tac toe with the want of those in power conceding to what one may call a step against core values; as the society now develop into one unit being divided as nationalist do more harm than good, so shall there be consensus or need of one or the interest of might be conceded to? 

With Mahathir still whirling his hold in the politics of Malaysia and Erdogan in Turkey, and PM Imran Pakistan, whole Muslim community irrespective of change in the Middle East can hold its ground against the venomous cruelty of Israel in Palestine and Indian high handiness in Indian Occupied Kashmir, knowing how this decision will affect the economic transition between whole in the Middle East, it yet will and has found its firm ground in another region who has been staunch critics of both suppresses.

Submitted by Syed Zain US Salikeen Qadri, Date 24 January 2021.

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