Livestock Farming as a Profitable Business activity

Livestock are extensively reared in rural areas for its multifaceted contribution to rural livelihoods. Livestock farming serves as a profitable business activity due to multiple reasons.

Quick way of income generation

Livestock farming provide quick cash income from the sale of milk and by-products. On daily basis cash income is earned from livestock. On annual or bi-annual basis, farm yard manure is sell out and income is earned. While, the crops are bi-annual or annual thus, livestock products is an easy source of income generation.

High levels of income from crop production

Research shows that livestock farming provide high level of income in various countries as compared to crops. The productivity of a cow and buffalo is far more high than the crops like of maize etc. It makes the livestock farming as a profitable business activity.

Generates employment

Livestock farming is a laborious activity which is mainly required for the activities of feeding, fodder cutting, cleaning, milking, watering, marketing etc. Mostly the family labour is involved in the activity and also the local people. Thus, livestock farming generates employment and contribute in the prosperity of a locality as well.

Improves soil fertility

Along with the above mentioned contributions, livestock farming improves the soils fertility. Farmyard manure as the by product of livestock is mixed in soil which further increase crop production.

Provide nutritious food

Apart from the cash income, employment generation, and soil fertility enhancement, livestock farming provide the nutritious food. It include milk and milk products such as butter, yogurt, cheese, and butter oil. Furthermore, various products like tea, coffee, and confectioneries are made from milk which are rich nutritional human food sources.


Seeking to the above mentioned importance of livestock farming as a profitable business activity, it should be adopted and established at a large scale. In this regard, governmental and non-governmental organizations can play an important role.

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