Health Is Mental Health The Most Trending Thing Now?

Is Mental Health The Most Trending Thing Now?


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Mental health problems are common around the world because of the absence of mental disorders or disabilities. It is because of the behavioural, psychological, emotional and social well-being. Like how we think, behave, feel and act. This issue is like other health issues can be mild but also can be life-changing. Similarly like other health issues, it can also affect the daily routine, relationships, and physical health. It is important in every stage of life from childhood to adulthood. It is very common like many people have had this or know someone who has.


Common issues of mental illness include:

  1. Changes in moods and emotions.
  2. Strong nervousness feelings and fear of doubt.
  3. Confused and feeling hopeless.
  4. Having low energy and sleeping too much or too little.
  5. Changing in eating habits.
  6. Suicidal thoughts and anger issues.


  • Medication may help you to keep calm and relax your body.
  • You should learn how to deal with stress.
  • Remember to smile, it can boost your immune system and reduce stress.
  • Taking care of your body physically can improve your mental health.
  • Keep yourself surrounded by good people.
  • How to prevent mental health:

Submitted by UMM-E-HANI AFSAR, Date 27 January 2021.

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