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AirSial is a Pakistani airline headquarter in Sialkot, Pakistan. Founded in October 2017, formed by the local business community in Sialkot. Prime  Minister  Imran Khan inaugurated Airsial .  The third private airline of Pakistan . This airline is under the Sialkot chamber of commerce and industry, And the CEO of this airline are Ameer Ahsan, and the chairman Fazal Jilani. Airsial secured an RPT license from the Civil Aviation Authority in October 2017.

The flight operations would be based in Sialkot majorly and would be connecting it with the major airports of Pakistan like Jinnah International Airport Karachi, Islamabad International Airport, Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore, and the provincial capitals including Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar and Quetta.

The airline claims that it would give tough competition to the different domestic airlines in terms of the quality of services to the passengers.

The airline would be starting it’s International flight operations a year after introducing the domestic operations. According to Airsial management, the preferred choice for international flights would be the Middle East.


Honourable members of Sialkot chamber of commerce were determined to accomplish this project, During the past years we had gone through testing times, particularly, Covid – 19 has Changed the entire dynamics of the aviation industry – However, with constant Support of all EBODs, We, as a Team of Airsial, are now seeing this “Dream to come true”. Airsial is now a reality and the only airline established by the Pakistani business community by themselves.


Domestic flights are quite cheap.

Domestic flights also be a fast way to get from one city to another. If you have to travel longer distances within a country, it would take you many hours or even days to make it to your destination by train or by car. However, by Using domestic flights, you can get from one city to another within just a few hours. Therefore, you can save time by Using domestic flights instead of other means of transport.

Compared to other transportation option, planes are also quite reliable.

Planes will have higher punctuality Compared to trains and therefore, you will be able to make it to business meetings or other important occasions in time more often.

Especially for business trips, domestic flights are great.

Such flights also play an important role in import and export by making gross domestic good increase and solving the workforce problem.

Many people choose domestic flights instead of other modes for travelling because they are time-saving, no security issues and safe healthy environment

Submitted by ALI HASSAN, Date 27 January 2021.

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