World China Once Again Mocked Indian Troops Over Border Violations

China Once Again Mocked Indian Troops Over Border Violations


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Near Nako La Pass in Sikkim, Indian troops tried to enter Chinese territory, which led to a clash. The Indian soldiers also left their equipment and fled.

China has once again mocked Indian troops for border violations. Several soldiers of both sides have been injured in clashes between the two countries’ forces. The media, as usual, has not only exaggerated the border clash but also tried to keep the weight of the Indian Army heavy in the statistics of wounded soldiers for the sake of “morale”.

Meanwhile, independent sources said that the Chinese troops asked the Indian troops to leave the area which China claims as its property, but in response to the rudeness of the Indian troops, the Chinese troops mocked the Bhati warriors.

  According to the British Broadcasting Corporation, the Indian Army has confirmed the clash between the troops of the two countries in the Nako La sector near the Sino-Indian border in Sikkim but did not include China’s position in the news. There was a clash between the Indian and Chinese armies in North Sikkim and the matter has been settled by the local commanders as per the rules. The Indian Army asked the media to refrain from distorting the facts in this regard. Footage from mobile phones has been provided to TV channels by the Indian Army.

It is reported that the soldiers punched and punched each other in the clash, which resulted in several soldiers being injured. More than 150 soldiers from both sides were involved in the clash. According to Indian media, 20 Chinese and four Indian troops were wounded, but an unofficial report from China said dozens of Indian soldiers were not only wounded but also left their belongings and fled to a nearby camp, which later became a meeting of local commanders.

However, the Chinese military has taken pictures and videos of the handover but has not released them. According to reports, tensions between the two countries have increased since the clashes in the disputed border area.

At least 20 Indian soldiers were confirmed dead in a clash in the Gulwan Valley in June last year, while China did not say how many of its soldiers were killed or wounded, according to Indian media. According to reports, the recent clashes took place near the Nako La Pass in Sikkim. The Sikkim area is located between Bhutan and Nepal. China claims a part of this area as its own and this clash was carried out by the Indian Army. India and China have the longest disputed border in the world, with both countries claiming the area as part of their territory.

This 3440 km long border has rivers, lakes and snow-capped peaks and that is why the location of the border changes with time. There are many occasions when the troops of the two countries are face to face which can lead to occasional clashes. Are born. Clashes between the two armies in this disputed area of ​​Sikkim are nothing new. In May last year, there were also skirmishes between the two armies.

In 2017, the two armies clashed for two months in the Doklam area and the situation was almost like a battle. The Chinese military has now built a large-scale permanent military base in the region and is rapidly working on a plan to connect the base to a nearby large military base via a railway track.

An entire network has also been set up in the area, which is a major concern for India, as it is no longer a problem for China to bring Indian combat missions to this high Himalayan border, while the border can only be reached by rough routes to India. Paved roads in some sectors, however, experts say that on the one hand, they are closed due to snowfall in winter and on the other hand, they are not able to carry heavy artillery or tanks on them loaded on trucks.

In this regard, many Indian defence analysts admit that China has a significant advantage over India in this regard. Recently, news came from Arunachal Pradesh that China had built an entire village within several kilometres of the Indian border. On this, China says that it considers Arunachal Pradesh as its territory, so the constructions it has done are done within its borders.

Submitted by SAIM ASIM, Date 27 January 2021.

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