University of Youth is needed in Gujranwala City

Gujranwala is a city over 350,000+ population. Every year over 10,000 students passed intermediate with good marks. But for higher education, only Government College for boys and girls Gujranwala is serving whole division for BS program. These two colleges also have no such facilities that BS level college should have.

People of Gujranwala protesting from the last few years for building a University in Gujranwala. We want to request PM Imran Khan’s for building a University in Gujranwala. People Recommendation for the name of University is The University of Gujranwala or the University of Youth.

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Umair Ahmad
I am a software engineer, public speaker, and small business owner at Youth Group Limited currently living in Lahore, Pakistan. My interests range from entrepreneurship to writing. I am also interested in politics, music, and travel.

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