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Books are our best friends, guider and influencer. There are numerous ways in which books influence our lives. It let us know that there is more than one way to view the world. It gives wings to our imagination, broaden our capacity to emphasize and let the readers travel without using their feet and help us know others. So in short, books are important to us in every way possible as the joy that is in reading books is something beyond words.


In today’s modern world, when the world has become too advanced and fast, we have been introduced with so many latest and advanced new technologies, among which E-book is one of them.


Over the past few years, the traditional books have been kept aside by this major innovation of the E-books. For some people, it is more convenient to read E-books since they are portable and lightweight which is making them easy to carry around. We just have to turn it on our tablets or smartphones, go to whichever application that supports E-book and starts reading whatever is in our library.

Also one of its major perks is that we get to read a lot of books for free and even if it costs, so it’s affordable. And we don’t usually have to waste our lots of time in searching of books like we have to do for real books while buying, as E-books are an easy purchase and have access to almost all the books. Also, E-books will stay as they are without any risk of getting damaged but despite all these facts, the real book is a real book.


The charm of the real book is indescribable. While reading E-books we don’t feel the pages, especially the smell of those pages and the vibes of having a paper book in our hand cannot become from the E-books.

The beauty of highlighting our favourite quotes, lines and markings, cutting, tearing and also the addition of our perspectives is really easy in printed books without any clicking and selection required.

The paper books can be used for decoration purpose as well.

The paper books let us hold memories and we can read them without any worries of battery issues. 

E-books are sometimes tiresome and boring as we can’t read them easily in the sunlight, which means at night when in our leisure time we start reading E-books so we can’t fall asleep easily and it does affect our sleep. And if we talk about paper books so they are easy on our eyes.

Through paper books, we absorb more information and knowledge as compare to E-books.

The real books let us become better readers and we are less likely to get distracted while reading the real books.

So I would prefer reading real books over E-books whether however convenient the E-books are because the charm of reading is found only in the real book which we can actually feel in real and the vibes of reading also comes from real printed books.

Submitted by Syeda Hadiqa Arshad, Date 27 January 2021.

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