World Language In Our Society

Language In Our Society


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English as a language is pretty much relevant in any country as it’s become the global dialect to communicate with the non-natives, given If you’re the tourist guy in China or Cuba or any non-English speaking country the only way you’re getting your talk into the conversation is through English.

Although it’s only a language unfortunately a lot of people consider it to be the scale measurement of intelligence, which in no way is truth. Given in South Asia the only way you’ll be able to prove yourself to be worthy in any job is through a thick American accent with high-level grammar.

Not the other way round! Although learning this language is pretty important and mandatory for our people but hey? Let’s not exceed the extent that obliterates our moral values? Like the recent incident in Islamabad where we saw two ladies instilled with the Anglo Saxon Gora complexity shamelessly making fun of a guy who couldn’t speak as they wanted him to in English of course?

Well, that’s what it does to people who learn about it a Lil bit, given if you’re a European and you go to North America, US Or Canada, even the actual goras won’t make fun of you if you can’t speak to them in English, rather they’ll try to go to your level of English and will explain to you about the relative conversation, in conclusion, let’s assert that English is mandatory but not to the level of degradation.

Submitted by Zubair Wali, Date 27 January 2021.

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