Pakistan Is Pakistan secular state?

Is Pakistan secular state?


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Pakistan has never claimed to be one nor does the constitution of Pakistan provide that country with any establishment of diploma. Governance without any discrimination based on religion is secularism. It is an ideology where the state is neutral to every religion. Secularism gives religious minorities greater rights and privileges. Pakistan was established over social and ideological basis.

It came into being as an Islamic state with the Constitution in which Article 2 to demonstrate that “Islam shall be the state religion of Pakistan” and according to Article 3 “its duty to foster the Islamic way of life”. It is a pure state for the rising of Islam and was created with its ace goal to be the shelter for the Muslims. The name Islamic Republic of Pakistan itself implied that it is not secular, it is a land for people pursuing Islam.

M.A Jinnah didn’t want a secular state. He wanted an Islamic state where the Muslims will live freely and let other minorities live freely too. He quoted in his August 11, 1947 speech that “Pakistan will be a country for every ethnic group and religion people of all religions can live in Pakistan. The Constitution guarantees rights to all religions. As a general rule, religiosity is higher among the poorest nation of the world and lowest among all richest. But this is not the case in Pakistan.

Islam is the religion of 97% people of Pakistan. In Islam, there is no God other than Allah. Those who think otherwise are kaafirs or blasphemers. The blasphemy law in Pakistan has also long been used to protect the religious item and beliefs of minorities from the majority. 

The constitutions do not allow National or Provincial Assemblies to legislate contrary to injections of Islamic sharia or courts to decide against it as the preamble of the constitution. Clearly forbids doing it. Religious Educational Institution (madrassa) in Pakistan are major manufactured of popular Islamic culture of the society.

These institutions are torchbearers of religiosity of the state. Muhammad (P.B.U.H) lived a complete life and actualized Islam in the state and society of Madinah. His legacy was truly continued by his earlies four Caliphs till 40 A.H. Islam manifested in each and every aspect of the individual community.

It is not a religion that is limited to the wall of one’s habitat instead. It teaches us everything about every sphere of life teaching from eating food to ruling a state. Pakistan is clearly disqualified for secularism from all the deliberate aspects. Religion is the elementary identity of each and every citizen. If we sum up all the above information the secularism is clearly not supported by Islam or any Islamic country.

Submitted by Saweera Sabir, Date 27 January 2021.

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