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Expected Pak-US relations


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Pakistan-US relations have always been volatile in the past. Pakistan’s importance in the war against the Soviet Union increased, while after the 9/11 attacks, the United States desperately needed Pakistan to fight the war in Afghanistan, mainly due to Pakistan’s influence on the Afghan Mujahideen and other than Pakistan to supply defence and other supplies to NATO forces in Afghanistan. Root was absent.

After 9/11, there were several tensions in Pakistan-US relations, including a US attack on a Pakistani check post in the top tribal district of Mohmand and the subsequent backlash from the political and military leadership, which forced the US to apologize.

The killing in Abad has led to tensions in Pakistan over other allegations, including support for the Afghan Taliban, including Memogate and Kerry Lugar Bull, but tensions have been temporarily low. And Trump not only turned his back on Pakistan’s sacrifices against terrorism but also He was accused of cheating in the war and supporting the Afghan Taliban.

On the other hand, on the orders of Trump, on April 13, 2017, in Nangarhar, Afghanistan, the US dropped its most powerful conventional bomb, the “mother of all bombs”, breaking the record of its predecessors. According to the US Department of Defense, total military spending in Afghanistan (October 2001 to December 2020) was about ٹ 3 trillion. In addition, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and other government agencies. Has spent 44 44 billion on reconstruction projects.

Because of Trump’s tough policy on Pakistan, Muslims and refugees, Biden’s victory, if not all, has been a source of joy for many Muslims and Pakistanis, where there are many reasons for Trump’s defeat, but we should not form a final opinion for the betterment of Pakistan. During a visit to Pakistan in 2011, Biden rejected the notion that the United States wanted to weaken Pakistan or lean towards India.

He stressed that the United States would never leave Pakistan alone. Despite this statement, US-Pakistan relations had cooled by 2012 and India was more than necessary. Hate against Pakistan began to grow in Pakistan. On the other hand, with Pakistan’s help, Trump took an X-ray to put pressure on Pakistan in the region and adopted Modi and left no stone unturned in increasing his pressure on Pakistan through various means.

Although former President Trump, in his inaugural tweets, expressed his displeasure with Pakistan and Muslims and expressed his displeasure and left no stone unturned in cracking down on Pakistan. In early 2018, Pakistani security assistance was suspended. Pakistani diplomats stationed in the US were banned. Trump cut off military aid to Pakistan, as well as military aid and training programs.

Trump also cut off military aid to Pakistan, as well as military aid. Not only did Pakistan express reservations about the US-India defence pact, but China also expressed strong reservations, but despite the change in circumstances and Trump’s false and deceptive tweets of US security assistance, Pakistan’s need for an Afghan peace process has been highlighted.

He offered reconciliation on Kashmir but it is a different matter whether he played a hypocritical role behind this policy but Pakistan enabled the parties to come to the negotiating table and work together after great sincere efforts.

The ruling elites of Pakistan should think about the difference between the coming of the Republican President and the Democratic President to the US presidency for 72 years. History has shown that the state interests play the most important role in shaping the policy of the states and not the ideological basis or human rights. States keep changing their foreign policy for their own benefit.

Similarly, the United States, which ostensibly claims democracy as the basis of its foreign policy, but in reality, its foreign policy is formulated keeping in view the needs of the times. In different periods to understand American foreign policy. This historical strategy is very useful.

On the other hand, Biden, who has arrived in Qasr-e-Safid, will surely find an ally in the region in the form of Pakistan, who, during his tenure as vice-president, was instrumental in his policies on Afghanistan and Pakistan. He supported the Biden Lugar Bill to provide امداد 7.5 billion in development aid to Pakistan. When he became Vice President, he became Kerry Lugar Bill.

Then the 2016 elections and the Trump presidency saw great changes not only in the world but also in the United States. Today, Pakistan is very close to China. China is investing heavily in mega-infrastructure projects like C-Pac in Pakistan. Here, too, Biden stands to gain because, in 2016, Biden was expanding his friendship with the Chinese leader, and in May 2019,     I even remarked that the world’s second-largest economy is not competitive for us.

The fifth president of the United States, James Monroe, declared unequivocally that the United States would not allow more European countries to occupy the Americas, a strategy that led to American domination of the continent.

Announcing the aid, the strategy was designed to reduce the Soviet Union’s influence. US President Jimmy Carter responded by devising a strategy to reduce the growing influence of the Soviet Union in the Middle East, where existing oil reserves are of great importance to the United States. ۔ The United States considered the Soviet Union an obstacle to the free flow of oil.

Jimmy Carter made it clear that he would consider any external pressure or occupation in the Persian Gulf an attack on American interests and would have to resort to military action if possible. US President Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy was effective from the 1980s to the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1990 when he sought to harm Soviet interests by simply abandoning the strategy of reducing Soviet influence.

Due to this strategy, there was a “holy jihad” against the Afghan communist government and common interests brought the Afghan Mujahideen and the United States to the same table. Republican President George W. Bush, during his eight-year presidency, formulated a foreign strategy that had a strong impact on the 9/11 attacks. By raining atomic bombs, Pharaoh Bush of the White House set a world record for the brutality that cost the US اور 1 trillion, as well as thousands of coffins for the US military and its allies.

Obama, like George W. Bush, promised an end to the war in his election campaign, but after reviewing the situation, he formulated his Pak-Afghan strategy, as Bob Words mentions in his book, ObamaWars. In the strategy, Pakistan and Afghanistan were recognized as separate states, but in the eyes of the Obama administration, both faced the same challenge. At the same time, China needed to be monitored. According to Bob Words, The number of troops increased.

Undoubtedly, the Obama administration’s policy will have a profound effect on Biden’s Afghan strategy. Bob Words writes in his book: He described the US victory as based on Pakistani co-operation and said that if the Taliban and al-Qaeda used Pakistani territory to attack US forces in Afghanistan, US taxpayers would never allow financial aid to Pakistan. Biden called al-Qaeda an issue for Pakistan. Of

Major changes have taken place in the Maghreb region, with China’s “One Belt One Road” and the “Doha Peace Accord” a living reality. Biden will formulate a strategy in this situation with US interests in mind. Pakistan may once again face further pressure to end the war on US terms. Biden will not give open concessions to China, he will be tougher for China than Trump. Given this situation, there is a strong possibility that The United States must maintain its strategic presence in Afghanistan.

As Vice President and as Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, Biden’s views and statements can help us to understand America’s strategy for the future. We must be very careful about our strategy, especially in Afghanistan. In this situation, the balance of power must be maintained to avoid any kind of conflict, and at the same time, a strong alliance must be formed in response to the US.

Biden knows Pakistan’s plight. Biden’s South Asia policy will be different from Trump’s and Camillahers also expressed concern over Indian actions in Kashmir. Biden and Camillaher’s focus is on human rights. It will be better for the Kashmiri people. Of course, relations between the US and China have deteriorated under the Trump administration, but if US-China relations improve, relations with Pakistan will improve, but US relations with Iran and Saudi Arabia will be different.

Of course, relations with China in the region are of great importance to the US. It will once again be in dire need of Pakistan, which secretly arranged the visit of the then US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger to the United States, much to the astonishment of the world.

It was Pakistan that created the stagnant and frozen waters and where China is in the world. Helping to end the isolation there, the United States realized that China’s backing in the Vietnam War was the reason for America’s crushing defeat, and now it is time to improve relations with the world’s new emerging world power without competing with China in the World War II.    Better to compete.

Under the circumstances, Biden will have no difficulty in bringing India to the right path, but he will need to work hard to resolve issues with Israel. Similarly, relations between the Taliban and the government in the region are looking difficult, while the Afghan peace process is new. The US administration will need better relations with Pakistan than ever before.

However, the situation has changed since the beginning of the Holocaust, which began in Cochin and continues to wreak havoc in the United States. It will be difficult to take radical decisions in the face of dissatisfaction with India and thus, given China’s growing influence in Pakistan, relations with Pakistan, the region’s largest geographical power, can certainly move in a new direction where Pakistan’s importance cannot be denied.

Submitted by Saim Asim, Date 31 January 2021.

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