Pakistan Inflation is Destroying Pakistan

Inflation is Destroying Pakistan


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Inflation is one of the biggest problems Pakistan is facing since its inception. Today a large number of Pakistanis are forced to live below the poverty line. There are various reasons for an inflation in the country, the main reason is the bad Governance of the Governments and there are many apologists who are exploiting the people by becoming parts of the governments.

If the government does not pay attention to this we are afraid that our situation will be similar to Russia which was the world’s first superpower which tried to get ahead in the arms race and failed to control their economy. It also got involved to maintain its dominance over the world. As a result, it has become fragmented today. 

Inflation and the common man

Our government will have to take many steps to solve this problem so that the condition of a common man can be improved. And stay away from the plague of theft, robbery and corruption to earn a living. Only then can the country develop. Today the necessities of life are beyond the reach of a common man and the bribery market is hot. The loaders have filled their houses with goods but the common man is begging for bread. In order to control inflation, we have to set up factories in our country and we have to create such resources so that people can get maximum employment. We will need a lot of capital for this.

We will have to provide such resources to capitalists so that they can invest their capital and they do not risk using their capital we will have to provide interest-free loans to farmers to increase exports, and free seeds so that they can cultivate as much land as possible, with easy loans on easy terms so that they can meet their other needs. This includes agriculture, machinery, tube wells and fertilizers.

We have to free ourselves from the burden of debt to get our country back on its feet. Because a huge amount of our budget is spent on repaying loans that we could have spent on the welfare of our people. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer due to lack of proper distribution of resources because justice is being massacred. 

Inflation and crimes

Due to inflation law and orders in the country is also on stake. People are resorting crime and massacres over small things become commonplace. The difference between halal and haram is disappearing. People accept bribes as their right and interest have become common. Due to poverty and high prices, children are unable to complete their education and are forced to work at an early age. Which is a clear violation of child labour. Fed up with inflation, people are forced to sell their children and suicides are on the rise. People are living in poverty and unemployment due to which instability and bribery are on the rise.

 We as a nation have a role to play in controlling inflation and we have to take steps that are far-reaching so that people can live in peace and tranquillity and steps must be taken that benefit the people of the country so that people can live their lives in peace.

Submitted by Saweera Sabir, Date 31 January 2021.

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