Pakistan had no option but to respond: military spokesperson

ISLAMABAD: Military spokesperson Major General Asif Ghafoor said Pakistan had no option but to respond Indian aggression.

Addressing the media, Gen Ghafoor said Pakistan was forced to hit back but we did in a responsible way.

The Pakistan Air Force engaged six targets in Indian territory and hit them when they entered our airspace, he added.

Ghafoor said: “Two Indian jets were shot down by the PAF.”

“We had made sure that there shall not be any civilian damage and no collateral damage.”

 One of the planes crashed in Occupied Kashmir while another crashed inside Pakistan, he stated.

“We have arrested two Indian pilots and have shifted one of them to the CMH for treatment.”

He asked the international community  to put pressure on India  and tell them that escalation would result into  a major conflict between two countries.

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